JGA Golf Academy, JGA Tour, & JGA College Golf Recruitment at Greate Bay CC Adults and Kids - Beginners to Advanced Golfers


Play golf to golf better. 

Beginner friendly to advanced skills, we have events for all levels. 

Every year, JGA Golf Academy turns out some of the most talented golfers in the country. Not just because we have the best reputation – we have set up the JGA Tour to welcome new kids to the game and show them how to play their best golf. 

For Beginning Golfers

Beginners feel welcomed and advanced golfers get noticed by college golf coaches. We have separate age & skill level divisions for junior golfers to fit in and feel comfortable. To help beginners, we have a 9-hole Developmental Division that allows caddies and players compete from modified distances. 10 is the max score, everyone gets a medal and we are lighter on the rules of golf for this division. All divisions are designed for fun as everyone measures their enjoyment at different levels based on their skills. 

For Advanced Golfers

To help our college-bound golfers get in front of college recruiters, we organize college recognition tournaments & college recruitment level qualifiers so that our kids have the best chance to get noticed between April through November. Sign up for one or more of the 20+ events to showcase your talents, and receive a percentage off your entry fee if you’re a member.